ESP : transparent protective mask for your employees and customers

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ESP : Transparent protective mask for your employees and customers.

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The company SIMON & Cie, manufacturer of ESP (Écrans Stop Postillons) - Respiratory droplet stop screens/masks-, declares to have followed a process of design, manufacture and distribution of ESP masks aimed at meeting the general product safety directive (directive 2001/95 / EC of the European parliament and of the council of December 3, 2001) and article L. 111 -1 of the consumer code (relative to consumer information).

This process involved:

  • Assessing the needs of end users,

  • Developing a technical solution, the ESP,

  • Listing and evaluating possible risks linked to physical use of the products,

  • Eliminating or at minimum reducing residual risks,

  • Informing distributors and users via the user manual including a warning/advisory notice:

    • Product objectives,
    • Proper wear practices, use, cleaning and storage,
    • Precautions to consider and potential side effects,
    • Effective conduct in the event of a fire,
    • Standards and regulations which the product does not meet,
    • Standards and regulations which the product meets, in particular the REACH 1907/2006 regulation, the EN71 / 3 toy standard and the EU 10/2011 food contact regulation,
    • Categories of personnel at risk.
  • Informing distributors and users through labeling in accordance with Directive 2001/95 / EC...

In the absence of standards covering the product, SIMON & Cie performed the analysis and control of potential risks product use through a trial and error approach, which relied on a panel of users and thereafter conducting an analysis of their feedback. This approach made it possible to:

  • Reformulate the product with non-allergenic substances (elimination of redness seen in some cases of contact),

  • Reduce or even eliminate residual odors by replacing certain substances,

  • Obtain a product compatible with food contact as well as Reach regulations.

SIMON & Cie is committed to continuing these actions in order to secure the users of ESP products by keeping a register of complaints and sharing product monitoring/tracking with distributors.


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